First Documentary Shoot with Filmmaker Jeffrey Hibbard

Jeffrey MB Hibbard filming me at the Tacoma Little Theater last week. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter Campaign this spring to cover Jeffrey’s filming and editing time, Tacoma Little Theater rental for shooting and premier showings, plus other expenses to produce my documentary over the coming year.

It’s happening. I can hardly believe it, but it’s happening. Last week, documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Hibbard met me at the Tacoma Little Theater which offered us space to shoot the initial scenes of my upcoming documentary. Jeffrey wanted to begin shooting and editing with no guarantee of his time and expertise being reimbursed. I agreed with the understanding that we would try our best to make sure he was eventually paid.

Jeffrey discussing sound options with Dylan Twiner of the Tacoma Little Theater who went above and beyond to offer us sound engineering. You can also see my mom in the photo sitting in the audience while waiting to be interviewed for the documentary.

Fortunately, you may have also noticed that one of my biggest fans jumped in to write a guest blog post after he attended my first Any Question online gathering last week. As it turns out, he also happens to be celebrating 25 years of running a successful seasonal business, and has taken to spending his “off-season” doing community service work, including helping entrepreneurs like me get a start.

Chris Chisholm watching me on stage at the Tacoma Little Theater and helping me follow a script Jeffrey provided for the documentary.

Chris has offered to match contributions to my business start-up expenses with his pro-bono business management services. He began over the weekend by helping us organize the documentary production schedule and a Kickstarter campaign to launch this spring.

Big thanks to the Tacoma Little Theater for providing space to shoot the first scenes of my documentary!

So stay tuned for our Kickstarter announcement as well as monthly blog updates on progress toward the production of “I Am Matt Budzak.” In the meantime, I need help deciding whether or not to add a subtitle for the documentary. What do you think about these ideas?

I Am Matt Budzak – Who Are You?
I Am Matt Budzak – How About You?
I Am Matt Budzak – Ready for a Ride
I Am Matt Budzak – Ready to Roll

Vote for your favorite (or “no subtitle”) in the comments or by emailing me! – Matt

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My name is Matt Budzak, and I was born in Tacoma WA and raised In Puyallup. I am a Double amputee trying to make a differance

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