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Every once in a while, someone asks me to their home or business to give advice on making their space more accessible. Usually it’s someone who knows me pretty well, trusts that I won’t be judgemental, and just wants my ideas on how to help people with disabilities visit, shop or have an easier time together.

I’m currently enrolled in the ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program in order to help large businesses and public facilities become compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The program is an excellent way for me to learn about the many kinds of disabilities a consultant needs to understand in order to fully advise on ADA compliance.

My friend McKenzie and I checking out Tacoma where my first pro-bono consulting gig took place at the Grand Pacific.

Meanwhile, most of my time is focused on public speaking about the challenges I’ve overcome and continue to battle, but if you would like to hire me for a short visit to give feedback on a space you’re thinking about renovating for accessibility (or already renovated but haven’t tested out) I’d be happy to take a look and give you my perspective and ideas.

Don’t let money, embarrassment or worry stop you from reaching out. While finishing my ADA Coordinator certification training, consulting will remain a community service that I’m passionate about sharing. As long as my travel expenses are covered and you contribute what you can for my time, please feel free to contact me with questions and the possibility of visiting your site.

Matt inspired WASHDOT and the City of Puyallup overcome jurisdictional issues to collaborate and fix inaccessible crosswalk buttons near the Washington State Fairgrounds.


Matt speaks with inspiration for area businesses, families, patients, students and staff.


Matt is working to help homes, businesses and communities become accessible for everyone.


Matt teaches about thriving through challenges, from online forums to outdoor adventures.

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