Monthly nature hikes going great!!

I’ve been co-leading some pretty cool accessible hikes lately. We started in April with a wheelchair hike at Wildwood park, it is a very cool park that makes you feel like you are in the wilderness surrounded by cool plants, trees and lots of things to learn. There are a lot of really cool trailsContinue reading “Monthly nature hikes going great!!”

You Don’t have to Change Who You Are. Just Change the Way You Do It.

That’s right, you don’t have to change who you are. To become the person you really want to be, you just have to change the way you do things. Start by changing your outlook on life. Sometimes I hear people being self-destructive and saying things like “well, that’s just who I am” but you know,Continue reading “You Don’t have to Change Who You Are. Just Change the Way You Do It.”

Let’s Talk About Local Neighborhood Issues

Join me at 6 pm Thursday for my next “Any Question” online gathering. This month, let’s talk about local issues! What’s up in your neighborhood? Click here to RSVP and click here for the zoom link. Local neighborhood issues really get people worked up on social media nowadays, and it’s understandable and Facebook groups makeContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Local Neighborhood Issues”

We Need One Recognized National Disability Awareness Month

We need the entire nation to declare one month as “Disability Awareness Month.” In the late 1940s, Congress declared October for Disability Employment Awareness, and in the late 80s, Ronald Reagan declared March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. In the early 90s, after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed, Boston and other citiesContinue reading “We Need One Recognized National Disability Awareness Month”

Inspiring Black History Documentary + Meeting Pete Carroll

On Friday, a couple of friends invited me to see an inspiring Black History documentary called Who We Are which was created by Jeffery Robinson who was lead attorney for the ACLU before he founded his non-profit that has the same name as his documentary. I found out that Mr. Robinson spent most of hisContinue reading “Inspiring Black History Documentary + Meeting Pete Carroll”

Addiction, Recovery & Staying Sane in the Pandemic

Most people probably find recovery through a 12 step group, but the support those groups provide can sometimes be found in other places, too. I didn’t even realize I had many of those resources in place when I hit my bottom, but fortunately I had just enough elements in place to help keep me cleanContinue reading “Addiction, Recovery & Staying Sane in the Pandemic”

First Documentary Shoot with Filmmaker Jeffrey Hibbard

It’s happening. I can hardly believe it, but it’s happening. Last week, documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Hibbard met me at the Tacoma Little Theater which offered us space to shoot the initial scenes of my upcoming documentary. Jeffrey wanted to begin shooting and editing with no guarantee of his time and expertise being reimbursed. I agreedContinue reading “First Documentary Shoot with Filmmaker Jeffrey Hibbard”

My First Live Online Event!

Pandemonium At that time Q13 interviewed me for its “Driver on the Street” segment in 2020, my goal was to promote my YouTube Channel and get more subscribers. When I had launched my YouTube channel, it was a few weeks after the pandemic started. All the businesses were closed, and I had absolutely nothing toContinue reading “My First Live Online Event!”

My First Consulting Experiences

My first consulting experiences were accidental. When I started getting asked to consult on making spaces more accessible, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just said, “Okay, I’ll give you my perspective.” Seemed harmless, and in fact, I thought it was a way I could give something to my community.Continue reading “My First Consulting Experiences”